Pioneer fixes the CDJ 900 / CDJ 2000 Master Tempo Problem

Best audio discovery of 2012 (yet)….

The Master tempo / timestretch algorithm used by your digital source, CDJ or DVS (Serato, Traktor) IMHO is a HUGE factor in sound quality…

I’ve been doing a lot of personal research comparing the sound of different CDJs and DVS. I was a bit obsessed by the subject, which very few djs realize.

I was a SSL user for some years, then I abandoned Serato because of it’s horrible timestretch, ditched the whole laptop djing thing as I personally never liked so much to carry a laptop at a gig, and got the CDJ 900s. Loved them and loved the 2000s too, there are many good ideas in the product, but I¬† was really deceived discovering the huge master tempo bug.

On some songs, they were plainly Unlistenable using master tempo, which sometimes to do some tricks it’s rather useful (finding tempo on the fly on an acappella, etc) when pitching more than 3%. Sound was a chopped and the rhythm was altered.

Now with the 4.10 upgrade it is way way better. It sounds tremendously less chopped. I compared the two players, one after the upgrade, and one before (running os 4.05), playing the same song. Especially if master tempo is on and you try to pitch more than a few %, the difference it’s pretty obvious.

Thank you Pioneer. Some people still care about sound quality¬† more than having useless features, so don’t forget us!

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