Features & specifications

A simple, ergonomical layout, especially thought for integrating seamlessly with your favourite  DJ isolator.

At a glance

  • Few controls: CH1 level – CH2 level – Cue selection  switch – Cue level – so simple anyone will immediately feel familiar
  • Inspired by the 80s rotary mixers, world’s currently unique rack mount  Passive Rotary DJ Mixer to our knowledge.
  • Passive audiophile design – the most radical approach to a high end music mixer
  • 2 channel mixer,  line only. (note:  Due to the passive design, it is impossible to add more channels without compromising sound quality)
  • Designed also to be used with an isolator on the mixer’s output
  • Simple, ergonomical, intuitive layout. Perfect for working in dark environments.
  • It features  the same top grade  ALPS potentiometers & knobs as the big name  rotary mixers giving you a known feeling of quality and reliability.
  • Ideal in conjunction with SERATO SL3 which will provide phono preamps as well.

Main features

  • Headphone Cue selection with a three way switch. In the middle position all the cue circuits are out of the signal path and cue is disabled.
  • Cue volume
  • 2  stereo RCA inputs (high quality gold plated) – accepting LINE level signal only (CD / Soundcard / Line level)
  • 1  stereo RCA output (high quality gold plated)  – unbalanced audio output –  connect to your  integrated amplifier / preamp directly or via an isolator
  • 1 stereo headphone jack
  • High quality  headphone amplifier circuit for a pure strong monitoring signal, completely shielded.
  • External Power supply (used only for the headphone amplifier stage)

Use cases: a basic  setup

  • 1 Mixer
  • 2 CDJs
  • Integrated amplifier or receiver

A more versatile  setup

  • 1 Mixer
  • Serato Scratch Live SL3 (providing it’s internal Rane phono preamps if you need to connect turntables instead of CDJs)
  • 2 CDJs  or turntables (or just one if only one is avalable, you will still be able to mix using the Input reverse serato scratch live feature.
  • Isolator
  • High end stereo integrated amplifier

Yes, but will it work for me?

Contact us and tell us about your soundsystem. We will suggest you if your setup is suitable and the best way to take advantage of the Model One Music Mixer.